Hokkaido Japan shot with Nikon D60 CCD DSLR & AF 24-85mm f2.8-4 D lens

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This was a two-week trip to Hokkaido Japan in spring 2009. All the images were shot with my Nikon D60 CCD DSLR camera and the AF 24-85mm D lens. As D60 didn’t have a motor to drive the auto-focusing of the 24-85mm lens, all images were taken by manual focusing. And all the images were straght out of camera jpges. I quite like the color rendition from the D60’s CCD sensor. It gives a unique film-like feel that newer CMOS DSLR couldn’t produce.

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2023 Update

Nikon D60 CCD camera body is super cheap now in 2023. Buying a decent used one only starts from 50+ GBP at MPB.com. I may trade in some unwanted lens to buy one, or maybe a D80.