Loving my Fujifilm XF10 palm sized APS-C pocket camera for street photography

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Although my X-E1 is still living healthily, with the recent announcements of X-T4 and X100V,  I was very tempted to get either of these to replacement the slow X-E1. The X100V is more appealing to me as I always wanted to have a compact-sized camera or practice street photography. But it’s not yet available in the camera shops, and I’m not an early adopter and therefore didn’t make pre-order.

Two weeks ago, a colleague of mine, who is also a Fujifilm addict, told me he had been reading reviews on a compact Fujifilm camera called XF10. By then, I just realized the existence of this model of Fuji X series camera. Since then, I read many reviews, blog comments, and watched quite some YouTube videos to confirm it’s suitable for me to purchase.

80% of the viewers were disappointed with its autofocus speed and shutter lag, but many praised the usability of its snap focus feature. Besides, a reviewer said that the camera has the quickest response in Manual Focus mode. I also checked the video made by the street photography master Mr. Eric Kim on the comparison between XF10 and Ricoh GR II. He was very positive about the XF10 over his GR II. Therefore, I decided to give it a go and purchased it yesterday.

Took it out for a walk during my lunch hour for practicing my street photography skill. Initially, I tried using AF-S and found it really slow for taking pictures on the street, especially for shooting people. I switched to MF with peaking enabled for zone focusing as you can see from the last pic. The performance was great. The method seemed to be better than the two built-in snap focus modes, as the response was faster, and I could always change the distance and aperture values if needed. If using either of the 2 modes, no change in aperture and distance is allowed.

All these are SOOC JPEG. I’m pretty impressed with the image quality from this camera, and will definitely shoot more street photography with it in the future.